Where can I work?

Before embarking on your CELTA or TESOL course, it’s important to understand what kind of jobs are out there. In this post we give you a quick overview of the employment opportunities available to qualified English language teachers. Language Schools The need to learn English is so great that many adults and children attend courses at…


Getting Students to Speak

Sometimes as teachers, we think we have these wonderful lessons planned and at the end of the class we walk out thinking ‘What just happened?’. The class hasn’t responded in the manner we thought they would and all those great speaking activities we had planned have produced very little speaking. This is a topic I…

Yes, but do you really understand?

Do you understand? Really?

As a teacher, there are a couple of things we should never say or do to our students.  For example, pointing at them and laughing at their mistakes is often frowned upon and will most likely result in an upset student, poor classroom atmosphere, and a newly unemployed teacher. But this, in my opinion, isn’t…