CELTA: Before and after

For the first time in one month our CELTA trainees can wake up and not have to worry about lesson planning, input sessions and observations. Looking back through the photos of the course I found this one which was taken on day 1. All trainees looking enthusiastic and raring to go. I am happy to…



Getting feedback is one of the most useful ways of improving our teaching. The CELTA course integrates teaching throughout so trainees leave having gained valuable experience of teaching real students. The feedback process takes place after each day’s teaching and involves everyone from the teaching group. This process helps us to share ideas and develop…


Student Involvement

Getting students involved in your lessons is key to being a good teacher. Some take that to the next level and demand students dress to fit the part. Check out Gretchen getting her student Tom into character with his swimming cap and goggles. Outstanding!

Almost half way!

As week 2 of the February full-time CELTA course nears the end, our trainees are running at maximum speed! During times like these it is important to keep your fluids up, we recommend vitamins and caffeine! Keep up the hard work guys, you’re doing well!

CELTA Day Three!

Day 3 of CELTA was a busy day for LTTC’s latest cohort. Their first session of the morning was ‘presenting language’ where the trainees were involved in a number of language presentation styles including: Situational Presentation Guided Discovery Text-based Presentation Test-Teach-Test The candidates all worked hard and got involved in the tasks, making the session…