I have been teaching for a while but the Cambridge CELTA course was an avenue for me to hone my language teaching skills so I did not hesitate to say ‘Yes’ to my superior when asked if I wanted the training. This has been of great help to me and to my capabilities as a language teacher.


Thanks to this CELT-S course, which started to be implemented in Japan in 2017, I was able to deepen my theoretical perspectives of English language learning and teaching and enhance my teaching approach. I firmly suggest teachers should take this course if they hope to develop their teaching skills and create better learning environments for students.


I’ve worked on the JET programme in Japan for a year. Teaching in Japan has been an amazing experience. I’ve travelled as much as possible and been lucky to see some truly beautiful parts of Japan, and have some amazing adventures. My job is on the JET programme, and I’m based in Tokyo at a private girls’ junior and senior high school.


CELTA was one of the most intensive Teacher Training courses in my life. It provides the teacher of English language with the practical experience and knowledge needed to develop his/her own skills as a teacher. Also, this course can give you the opportunity to teach abroad and meet new people.


Currently, I am in Musashimurayama, Tokyo! I was accepted onto the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) earlier this year. I plan to finish my Masters of Teaching and enter the Australian education system. I also plan to use my CELTA to teach in a few countries around the world.


I’m now applying for English teaching jobs in South Korea as I feel confident in the skills I developed during the course. For anyone thinking of taking a TESOL course I highly recommend CELTA as it is a truly comprehensive course and will put you in a stronger position to start teaching or upgrade your skills as an ESL teacher.