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Pre-Interview Task

Please complete this task carefully as it is one of the factors we take into consideration when making a decision about your application. We strongly recommend you use a grammar book when completing the task. Please remember that your explanations should reflect what you might say in a classroom to students, so should not be over-complicated.

Part One

For each of the following sentences: A. Correct the student error by writing the corrected sentence first, B. Explain, as simply as possible, why we use the corrected version. Example: I meet my friends last night. A. I met my friends last night B. Used here to express a completed action in the past

1) The car washed yesterday.

2) I am believing in the tooth fairy.

3) She has ate 3 chocolates.

Part 2

How would you convey the difference in meaning of the following pairs of sentences to a learner of English?

Part 3

Comment on the meaning of the CAPITALIZED word in both sentences.

Part 4

Add two more similar items to each list:

Part 5

How would you clarify the difference in meaning between the following pairs of words to a student?

Part 6

Read the following sentence, putting the stress on the word in CAPITALS in a), b), and c) what is the speaker trying to express in each sentence?

Part 7

Pronunciation Mark the stress in the words below. EXAMPLE: HOSpital / underSTAND

Part 8

Sometimes we can label a speaker’s intention (i.e. ‘inviting’, ‘offering’). We call these labels FUNCTIONS. Look at the short dialogue below and label the function of each utterance.
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